Learn the keys to unlocking real change!

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  • Dangerous Defaults - most of the strategies we use to change people's minds backfire; understand your defaults so you can avoid them. 
  • Coaching Movesthese tried-and-true moves can inspire even the most stubborn of colleagues to open their mind to the possibility something else might be true. 
  • Presentation Formats - move beyond sharing information to use story for transformation by activating the head, the heart and the hands. 


Learn SIX research-based tactics to inspire others to think different about assessment & grading!

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Why do you need this guide?

Trying to challenge the status quo feels like banging your head against a brick wall.

Morbid, yes...but stay with me.

It happens when you share a research-based practice with your colleague only to be met with a response like, "That would never work for my students," or, "That sounds like too much work!" Hear these responses enough and it can leave you feeling like the misunderstood middle child. 

Luckily, there is research from the field of education and beyond about how we can go from feeling like an outsider amongst the status quo, to become a magnetic mentor instead.